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Embrace Your Inner Innovator!

And make remarkable things happen.

Unlock your creativity: Essentials


If  you want to:

Good news!

Creativity is something that everyone can develop in themselves. And become better and better with time.

There’s no magic solution, but there are techniques and processes that you can start using right now.

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introducing 'unlock your creativity: ESSENTIALS' training

What will you learn?

Understanding creativity

– Origin and definition of creativity,
– How it relates to innovation,
– Characteristics of highly creative individuals.


– How creative brain works,
– Common barriers to creativity, such as fear of failure, self-doubt, and conformity
– Techniques to overcome these obstacles, such as reframing, brainstorming, and experimentation.

Nurturing creativity

– The role of knowledge and surroundings in fostering creativity,
– Strategies for creating a supportive environment.

Techniques for generating ideas

– Understand the process of getting ideas,
– And put it into practice.

It is a one-day, in-person session designed for groups of 8 to 12 participants. It’s a highly interactive experience, featuring a mix of group and individual activities, complemented by a balance of theoretical learning and open discussions.

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  • Saturday, 25th May - full day training
  • Fika, lunch, coffee and printed materials included
  • Only 12 seats available
Unlock Your Creativity training led by Linda Majerowicz

Hi! I'm Linda!
I will be your trainer.

I provide face-to-face creative thinking training ‘Unlock Your Creativity: Essential’ in Gothenburg so you can release your creative potential, practice an innovative mindset, generate unexpected ideas, solve unsolvable problems, and spark your imagination without any need for previous experience or advanced knowledge of the topic.

I believe there are ways that anyone can,  upgrade their skills in the realm of creativity. You don’t need to be talented. You can grow, get better and maybe get something unlocked in your mind. Something that will just help you in whatever you do. And you’ll be surprised that you have it in you.

what participants say

It was a very refreshing experience. Great opportunity to learn and grow.

What can you expect from Unlock Your Creativity training?

Who is the training for?

what participants say

Linda is someone who actively and passionately shares her knowledge and goes the extra mile to teach and make things stick.
She’s so much more than a lecturer.


No previous experience or specialized knowledge is required to join my training sessions. The “Unlock Your Creativity: Essentials” is designed for anyone who wants to enhance their creative abilities, regardless of their skill level. The sessions are meant to be fun and interactive.

All materials and the training itself are in English.

Full day training, 8 hours + 1hour lunch break, coffee, tea, snacks available at all times, vegetarian lunch, printed materials

Once I have at least 8 interested participants, you will be requested to make a payment within 48 hours to secure your seat.

Training sessions are scheduled based on demand and availability. Please check my website or subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates on session schedules.

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