Hi! I’m Linda Majerowicz.

I’m a lifetime learner and creative thinking educator.

Linda Majerowicz - creative thinking educator, based in Gothenburg, Sweden

Back in a day, I just didn't think I was creative.

Or I thought I wasn’t creative enough. I was trapped in this stereotypical thought error that If I'm not exactly making great art, in the sense of, drawing or singing, it maybe means that I can't call myself that way.

Yet, I was very curious about where all those great ideas and art come from. The more I immersed myself in this topic, its theory, and how creativity is defined, the more I realized that it’s so much more than pure artistic expression. It’s about creative problem solving in any area of life that you can possibly imagine. I got more and more into exploring the science of it and its tools and this is when I came across Design Thinking. I was quite hooked.

In parallel, I used a couple of opportunities in my career to grow as an internal trainer. I discovered how much joy teaching brings me and that teaching is actually my comfort zone. Gathering inspiration and planning the training agenda gives me this feeling of excitement and fulfillment of being in my own creative expression. It makes me spend long hours, stay until late, and lose track of time.


From Design Thinking…

I learned it myself and I taught others. I believe that the process involving empathy, brainstorming, and prototyping can bring lots of value. Yet with time, my perception evolved. Just following certain steps is not enough, there is no magic formula unless you have the right mindset. There are plenty of tools that are very helpful, but you need to be self-aware and conscious to benefit from them and understand their limitations.

Yet with time, my perception evolved. I realized that design thinking is not a magic formula and sometimes it doesn’t lead you to the best solutions. You need to be very self-aware and conscious to benefit from it as its process has limitations.  

… to Creative Thinking

What I now believe brings the biggest value is learning how to think creatively. It all starts with the mindset that takes time to master, yet it changes your perception forever. Once you internalize it you’ll start using it in aspects of your life – if not in art, it can be your corporate career, where such skills are more and more demanded, or your personal projects.

Curious about what creative thinking can do for you? Join the next edition of “Unlock Your Creativity” in Gothenburg. 

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