Brace yourself for your next eureka moment.

As you're about to learn how to come up with creative solutions!

And feel pretty calm and confident in the process.

“Unlock your creativity” is a face-to-face creative thinking training in Gothenburg
designed to help you:

All in a friendly and supportive community of like-minded people who love to learn!


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what participants say

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge, energy, and perspective.

It was priceless.

Hi! I’m Linda Majerowicz

I created “Unlock your creativity” for anyone who believes it is worth having a creative mindset, that empathy is the skill of tomorrow and that you don’t need to bean innovative genius (yet) to do great things.

You can start by having fun and enjoying what surrounds you. You might not be the advertising expert, artistic soul, or crazy innovator but you are certain that in times when AI and machine learning are quickly evolving the right mindset is everything.

Linda Majerowicz - creator of "Unlock Your Creativity" training, held in Gothenburg, Sweden